We are represented by two business lines, namely: Waters and Specialized Nutrition

With iconic brands such as AQUA, VIT, VIT Levite, Mizone, SGM Eksplor, Bebelac, and Nutrilon Royal, we empower more than 15,000 employees, located in Jakarta Head Office, Depots, and 24 Factories nationwide to make a difference through their work.

Through a dual commitment to business success and social progress, we aim to build a healthier future for Indonesians at all stages of their lives.

Danone provides a culture where anyone can bring ideas to tackle industry challenges both at local and global levels. With talent diversity and development as our value for success, you will be appreciated for your unique qualities. Are you ready to make a difference with us?


Danone is one of the world’s top leading natural bottled water companies. This leadership in the water segment is the result of a keen eye toward consumer trends, constant innovation, and fully embedding healthy hydration into our business strategy.

  • Aqua
  • VIT
  • VIT Levite
  • Mizone

Specialized Nutrition

Our Specialized Nutrition Business, which comprises the Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition category, offers nutritional solutions with the shared goal of improving the health  and well-being of vulnerable individuals.

Early Life Nutrition

Early Life Nutrition is a thriving business at Danone. The driving force behind this success is our portfolio of science-based products that, alongside parent education including breastfeeding support, provide optimal nutritional solutions for children.

  • Bebelac
  • Nutrilon Royal
  • SGM Eksplor

Advanced Medical Nutrition

Advanced Medical Nutrition teams focus on providing innovative solutions in pediatric nutrition (including food allergies and faltering growth) as well as adult nutrition (addressing age-related frailty and malnutrition due to disease). Driven by its purpose of pioneering nutritional solutions for longer, healthier lives, Danone's Advanced Medical Nutrition division has a cultural imperative that every employee commits to, placing the patient at the centre of all activity to ensure that every individual patient receives the best possible care.

  • Neocate Advance
  • NutriniDrink