Danone Indonesia is represented by two business units: Waters and Specialized Nutrition.
Through Danone’s iconic brands, such as AQUA, VIT, VIT Levite, Mizone, SGM Eksplor, Bebelac, and Nutrilon Royal, we are empowering more than 15,000 employees nationwide to make a difference through their work.

With a dual commitment towards business success and social progress, we are building a healthier future for Indonesians at all stages of their lives.


Danone Waters is the result of Danone's mission to provide healthy hydration and safe drinking water for every family in Indonesia. As one of the largest bottled water brands and companies in Indonesia, this business unit continues to bring innovation in creating a healthier and more sustainable drinking habit.

  • Aqua
  • VIT
  • VIT Levite
  • Mizone

Specialized Nutrition

Specialized Nutrition consists of Early Life Nutrition and Advanced Medical Nutrition. In these business units, Danone Indonesia is targeting the importance of nutritional solutions for children which will greatly affect their health and well-being in the future.

Early Life Nutrition

The optimal amount of nutrients are very essential for children. Danone Indonesia products cover the source of nourishment starting from the period of pregnancy, breastfeeding up to children at the early childhood stage.

  • Bebelac
  • Nutrilon Royal
  • SGM Eksplor

Advanced Medical Nutrition

Danone understands that the nutritional requirement might be different for each child. Through Advanced Medical Nutrition, Danone Indonesia is providing a solution for children with food allergies and during their recovery after an illness.

  • Neocate Advance
  • NutriniDrink