At Danone Indonesia, we believe that diversity is not an obstacle. Diversity is the key to business growth and innovations.

Danone Inclusive Diversity recognizes people as the greatest asset and the center of our corporate strategy. We value differences and unique qualities of each individual, and we aim to foster an inclusive working environment that supports the professional development and the well-being of our employees. Aligned with our ambition to become one of the most inclusive and diverse companies in the world, we want to create an organization where equal opportunity is given to every employee regardless of their gender.

Our differences are making the difference.




Women certainly bring substantial impacts across divisions in Danone Indonesia.

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Six Months Maternity Leave

Danone believes in supporting new parents and their upcoming babies by giving them the best start during the first 1,000 days

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Global Parental Policy

Danone launched its Global Parental Policy that will be implemented in all operating countries, offering a common level of support from the start of a pregnancy to the baby’s second year of life.

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International Women's Day

"Because sometimes, women forget to take care of themselves"

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Managers Level Up

Women on Board of Directors


Generation Diversity