Menjaga Gaya Hidup Sehat di Danone bersama KORA

Kesehatan adalah inti dari semua yang dilakukan Danone, termasuk menumbuhkan gaya hidup sehat kepada karyawan kami. Inilah mengapa kami memiliki Kelompok Olah Raga AQUA (KORA), sebuah wadah di mana Danoners dapat berbagi gaya hidup sehat dan mengakomodasi hobi mereka bersama.

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27 August 2020


Health is at the core of everything Danone does. Its mission itself to “bring health through food to as many people as possible” belies the company’s belief that health is something we should cherish and protect at every stage of life.

Cherishing our health means we take care of it. Protecting it means we do everything we can to prevent bad things from happening to it.  It is not enough to maintain our health only occasionally or if we feel like it; we have to commit ourselves to incorporate a healthy habits into our daily lives. Eating healthy should not be a hobby as doing exercise should not be done a few times in a year: they should be a part of our lifestyle towards a healthy life.

This is why Danone really puts the health of its employees as a top priority. We believe that a healthy lifestyle improves wellbeing and as a people-centric company, wellbeing is at the center of our heart. We also realize that creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while having responsibilities at work is not an easy feat. Some people even forego their healthy habits in favor of their jobs: often times forgetting to exercise or even skipping meals as they became too engrossed in their work.

Thus, we try to find ways to bring health to our employees and one of them is through our sports club KORA (Kelompok Olah Raga AQUA). Since 1990, KORA has had a mission to improve Danoner’s wellbeing by promoting healthy lifestyle through the many activities, programs, and campaigns they do. Back in the day, KORA mainly held routine sport activities in which all AQUA employees are welcome to join freely. Not only in the Head Office, KORA is a joint community of Danoners from all plants and depos with the same mission to promote healthy lifestyle.

If employees want to practice with their colleagues, why should there be an organization for it and not just coordinate themselves?

According to Lukman and Sandhy, KORA’s communication representatives, the ‘behind-the-scene’ story on why KORA was established was out of the concern Danoners have after seeing some of their colleagues who suffer from health issues like heart diseases, diabetes, and stroke, which can actually be prevented by maintaining a healthy life early. Yet, despite having many great ideas on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, they  were unsure to share them with their fellow colleagues because they did not know how to start and who can support them in expressing their interest. Thus, KORA was initiated as a place where Danoners can share their ideas to improve their lifestyle into a healthier one.

Now, KORA has developed into a professional organization that provides AQUA employees with facilities and opportunities to join their sports activities including badminton, volley ball, table tennis, chess, soccer, aerobic, Zumba, dance, and athletics. Because Danoners are very enthusiastic in responding to KORA’s initiatives, every location even has its own sports activities such as biking, hiking, and running that the community established on their own creativity.

Not only providing classes and exercises, KORA also gives opportunity for Danoners to showcase their sportsmanship while connecting to AQUA employees from other plants and depos in a fun way through KORA Olympic Days (KOD). Like its name, KOD is an annual Olympic-like sport match event in which Danoners from all around Indonesia gather in Jakarta to compete and get closer to each other. It gets even more exciting because the winners will then represent Danone Indonesia to compete against Danoners from other countries in Danone World Cup.

Now, the pandemic has put many activities to halt, including KORA’s weekly classes and practices. But, the enthusiasm Danoners show to maintain their health persists. With their encouragement and support, KORA is able to keep up with its mission through holding online Zumba classes which are open for all AQUA employees and are free of charge.

Henri Saul, KORA Indonesia’s coordinator, aspires to initiate and encourage behavior change through KORA’s activities. He also wants KORA to be a place to accommodate AQUA employee’s hobbies and eagerness to live healthier. Not only through sports, Saul also aims to promote healthy eating and educate Danoners about healthy lifestyle.

“In accordance to Danone’s commitment towards One Planet. One Health, we want Danoners to also uphold a healthy lifestyle and take care of their wellbeing by exercising regularly, understanding their nutritional needs, and developing healthy eating habits,” Henri said.

In 2020, KORA is beginning their new venture to promote healthy lifestyle through educational contents. By publishing monthly bulletin on Workplace and newsletter, KORA wants to share insightful information while raising awareness towards KORA’s activities that was often missed by Danoners. This digitalization is an effort KORA makes so that Danoners can know KORA’s activities easier.

“We are sure many Danoners are keen to join our activities, especially as there are many young people who work at Danone now, yet somehow we always see the same faces during our sessions. We want new faces to join us and become our #goodnessambassador who embrace a healthy lifestyle and encourage the people around them to do the same,” explained Sandhy.